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Minimalistic independent bookshop

Riso print

Our newest process is a great fit for artists and designers: a modern version of a mimeograph, which uses a film based stencil to produce high speed prints


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What is inuit?!

inuit is a no-pro cultural association and we do our best to promote independent comics/illustration in our little bookshop in Bologna. We organize exhibitions, workshops, and print in our silk screen laboratory and started producing posters and fanzines with our Risograph

Meet the inuit

here we are :)

Marco Tavarnesi

CEO / Co-Founder

Alessandro Palmaccio

Skills trainer

Nhora Dufre‪sne

Environmental technician

people we promote

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Happy Customers

Thanks for everything you do!!!

John Doe

Now I'm amigurumi master now!!

Kate Doe

Thanks for fighting against urban blight, we really appreciate it.

John & Kate D.

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